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INFO: Tel. 0131.942253 Contatto telefonico e WhatsappCel. 338.7625427
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COUNTERFOIL (only poste italiane)

In order to pay at the delivery, the 30% of the total price must be paid in advance. (for more information call 0131 942253 – 338 7625427 - email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Cost of the service: 10,00€
Counterfoil can be used for no more than 3000 euro.
The object will be delivered only if recipient pays the entire price at the delivery:

  • an amount lower than 285,23 euro can be paid with cash to the postman
  • an amount higher than 285,23 euro must be paid at the post office as indicated in the notice.


Paying with paypal is a simple and safe payment method. Anyone, who has either a paypal account or anyone who is a world circuit credit card holder, is allowed to pay with this method. The transaction is quick and safe. It occurs directly on paypal servers by an encrypted way. This website will not manipulate any personal data of payment. It guarantees safety measures and fully transparence.

In case of payment with paypal account, please fill out with your identifying data below:

The payment will be carried out by filling out with credit card o prepaid card data (other data as name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be taken from the previous registration to this website.) :

To go back to the portal at the end of the transaction, please click on "go back to the home":

It will appear a further confirmation message.
It will be sent to you a notice e-mail of receipt of payment with transaction data.


In case of bankdraft, the commission will delivered only at the actual credit entry on our current account which must be effectuated within five working day from the reception of the order. If the payment is not be effectuated within the deadline, the order will be considered automatically cancelled. Please fill accurately out the bankdraft with the tracking number of the order and the date which are both indicated in the confirmation notice mail.

Postal order

It is a way of payment executed for every payments which require a safe certificate without being title order of a current account or a checking account.


Postepay card can be charged at a post office or a tobacconist (charge cost 1-2 euro). It's simply and instant. It can also be done online. The payment must be notified by either calling 01319422253-3387625427 or writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The credit card number for the payment will be communicated at the order confirmation.

Aura Card

Card aura can be used with paypal for online shop. It can be used for online payment.
Please register your card on paypal and pay your bill with few clicks, so you have not to communicate your financial information to the seller.
Thanks to paypal, your aura card is more discreet.

  • Aura card makes available a credit line which can be used as preferred
  • The amount available decrease every time aura card is used.
  • The available amount will be increased again by paying in instalments
  • Credit line will never expire so it can be used limitless.
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